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Carolyn's case
Where should we hold this years company party?

Carolyn solved this problem using Includer

Example below

The Summer Company Get-Together

I’m trying to find a nice place to hold our company’s annual family get-together. The venue where we usually hold it has shut down. I want it to have a nice outdoor setting.
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Sullivan Campgrounds
Justin Taylor Nice place. They also have a large swimming pool and pavilion.
Cathy Jenkins Very beautiful, but also very expensive.
Ronald Carlson Too far away for some of our employees. It would take David and some others about an hour to get there.
Splash Island Resort
Justin Taylor Sounds perfect to me, unless it rains out.
Cathy Jenkins Very crowded in the summer. Not enough parking.
Ronald Carlson The beach there is nice, but they don’t offer private accommodations.
Montgomery Inn
Justin Taylor Very nice place, plus I like the fact that they have a large indoor facility in case it rains.
Cathy Jenkins The food is very good there. Very beautiful scenery.
Ronald Carlson Perfect location in my opinion. They also have walking trails.
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